Our alumni say it better!

When it’s your turn to select the proper course that will change your business, you need to find out trustworthy reviews from alumni, as they are the ones who can share with you honestly.

The massive success-rate to our certifications is also accompanied by a genuine guidance and a complete sea change in the way of doing business and making money.

All of of alumni have something in common: they came to Muriel Saldalamacchia Academy to look for professionalism, goodwill, sharing and humility.

So much I can write thousands of pages on my job and what our courses are dealing with, I had to learn to welcome testimonials and reviews as a sincere and spontaneous recognition of our spirit, involvement and devotion in your success.

From “thank you notes” to “detailed reviews”, I always welcome each of those notes, videos or ratings with happiness and gratefulness.

My dearly beloved grand-ma taught me: “Do accept each compliment and sign of gratitude as a sincere and friendly act. The human nature is complex, except when it’s time to spontaneously express ones joy and satisfaction“.

There are some of our alumni reviews – They say it better!

Thank you all,

Muriel Saldalamacchia and team.

Some of our certified destination wedding planners…
Through our first three sessions, selected other planners have their final submission on consultation. Stay current for the next weeks. It takes time for them! 

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