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Owing to the market’s boom! 

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In 2017, the destination wedding market, which is a niche of the Romance Travel market, represented $250 billions, (infos Philips Meeting Program – June 2018) with an increase of 30% compared to year before. 

Your competitors are numerous, and they all want to be part of the booming success of the destination weddings market’s growth. 

Your clients are millenials and are exclusive. They want to feel special and ask for now extravagant weddings wherever they want to get married. That requires a lot of knowledges and experience. This is where we met!




Due to your difficulties or issues

  • You received a lot of destination inquiries, and you’re not confident enough to be able to deliver the most perfect service you usually do with your regular domestic weddings? 
  • You are not at ease when you try to imagine how to manage long-distance professional relationships with your dream clients?
  • You want to expand your business on this very lucrative niche, because you believe in your own potential, on your area potential, or simply because you want to focus on this new way of experiencing a wedding, far away from home?
  • You say to yourself: “I feel a change in the wind, says I”, and your competitors gain in popularity with clients, leaving you out of a successful path? 

If you hesitate on one of those statements, for sure, you should attend our next course based on dates / locations that fit your need/availability.

Owing to the program!

©Ludovic Grau-Mingot

We deliver this program since two years, and has been sold dozens of times. Each courses were sold-out – each time! The profile of participants to our destination wedding-planner program? Smart and discerning wedding-planners from Europe, USA, Canada and Middle East.

We know the impact this course has on wedding-planners’ business. We know how strong and powerful is a seasoned certification.

Let me set the scene and give you a glimpse of the program that is built to lead you to the certification:

  1. Discover the prerogatives of this very demanding job “destination wedding-planner”. We will teach you about legals, payments, business skills, your services and how to charge, how to outsource to grow your business. We also work – of course – on marketing and branding,    
  2. Learn how to target and deal with your dream BtoC clients and your valuable BtoB clients! 
  3. Immerge in a multi-billionaire market, where all traditional wedding codes are slightly shook up and take a back seat. You will love to earn money on each of your services, and way more.
  4. Learn how to decode millenials’ expectations and dreams, how to meet your BtoB needs. Embrace their codes when different from yours. How to organise their stay onsite during the planning process, how many days, what to do, what to book… 
  5. Learn to build a massive influent network.
  6. Master your relationships and communication with the wedding party to become the unmistakable professional that will help and guide them on each of their friendship-travel-needs during the planning process.
  7. Grow your sales with romance services as honeymoon, bachelor / bachelorette party, proposal.
  8. Where to find the best professional locals : how to choose them, when outsource, what not to outsource.
  9. Get over your clients’ culture and be the proactive force for each destination wedding highlights.

One note – important one! > Each course has a limited number of seats in order to guarantee efficiency on each topics we cover. 


Owing to the MSA© network!

destination wedding courses

With a massive  presence worldwide and several accreditations gained as Speaker on several continents, Muriel Saldalamacchia Academy© is working daily on extended communication for couples looking for certified destination wedding planner, and – alongside – a huge connection and advertisement for romance professionals.

Each year, there are more candidates to certification than certification we deliver.

You will be easily identified as one of our certified destination wedding specialist thanks our media kits.




Owing to the Instructor!

©Valéry Villard

Muriel Saldalamacchia is definitely the symbol of the new destination wedding specialists’ generation who understood very quickly that destination weddings are niche of the travel industry. Then two years ago, while being on stage as a Speaker at Love Mexico Conference in Toronto, she met Janine Ferko, a seasoned romance travel agent based in Chicago, managing a 360° Exclusive Travel Agency, with 7 agents through the US. Since, then, they are doing successful business together.

Muriel has considerable experience in all aspects of the destination wedding-planner’s duties.

Obviously managing real weddings each year for clear-sighted clientele, Muriel knows what the clients are, what the clients need, and what the clients expect from their planner.

Founder of a French wedding academy since 2011, Muriel knows how to teach and develop your super power! Individually. All technics and methods had been modelled to be efficient for you. 

Then, as a frequent speaker or panelist on several Conferences dedicated to destination weddings and romance travels, Muriel gives and receives last updates on trends, numbers, and clientele new expectations.

All combined, Muriel should be your perfect instructor to reach your next level!



Owing to the cost of this certification-course!

©Ludovic Grau-Mingot

We truly believe that money must not be barrier to be trained and so to improve your performance in business. 

This is why we decided the cost of our Certification won’t change in 2018. It is still the same as our introductory offer, four training sessions ago, in 2017.

We are also super proud to give every wedding planners the chance to afford it. No matter you’re new in the business or a seasoned one with big cash flow. 

We’re on to you! We know the costs of an online wedding training in the US. And our price is clearly competitive. This is our gift to you. All together gathered, we’ll be stronger being more professionals, and wealthier business owners.


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